Gods and Goddesses


Role: God of architects and artisans, also known as a god of the creation of the earth

Appearance: A green-skinned mummiform man, wearing a skull cap and holding a combination djed and was scepter.

Center of worship: Memphis

Relations with other gods: husband of Sekhmet, father of Nefertem

Ptah was a great creator god who merely had to speak the names of things and they would exist. Ptah was credited with the creation of many things:

  • the boats for the souls of the dead to use in the afterlife
  • the framework of the universe
  • the roof of the sky and the supports that held it up
  • the gods, humans, and the world

The room farthest in the back of a temple is called the sanctuary. In the sanctuary of a typical temple stands a statue of the god or goddess to whom the temple is dedicated. In the sanctuary of Ramses II's temple at Abu Simbel there are four statues: Ptah, Amun, Ramses himself, and Re-Horakhty.

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