Clip Art

Want to give your home page an Egyptian theme? Writing a report or making a multimedia presentation about ancient Egypt? Neferchichi's clip art will help satisfy your scribal needs!

Egyptian Dingbat Clip Art: Tiny images, perfect for subtle decoration on web pages.

Gods and Goddesses Clip Art: A legion of deities for your polytheistic pleasure!

Miscellaneous Clip Art: Monuments, amulets, sphinxes, tomb paintings, and other stuff like that.

Hieroglyphs: Want to spell out your name? You can get the necessary hieroglyphs from this page.

Backgrounds, Borders, and Bars: Come here for a selection of seamless backgrounds, borders, and Egyptian-styled separator bars.


Neferchichi's Clip Art
And if you need EVEN MORE clip art, you can buy our huge collection of gods, hieroglyphs, and other Egyptian images. All the clip art files from plus hundreds of high resolution images add up to over 675 files! Files in JPG and EPS formats, compatible with both Macs and PCs.
Note: This is a download... you will get an email after your order is processed containing a link to download a zip file containing the entire collection of clip art.

$15.99 (for personal use)

$69.99 (for commercial use)

What's the difference between personal and commercial use?